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KubUltra 60

A  60 kilometres event for those who are

looking for the real deal and are willing to push

some boundaries.

Although there will be time registration for this event, this is rather a recreational hike or run. The Kuala Kubu Bharu area is pretty unspoilt and guarantees a healthy environment for a fun day out. It is compulsory for participants to cover the full distance in less than 14 hours. Intermediate checkpoints and drink stations will assist participants in their quest to reach the finish in the best possible condition while all participants have to challenge their individual physical and mental capacities along the track. The run will start in Taman Millenium in KKB and the participants will be directed into a 60 km loop which they will have to complete before heading to the finish. Marshals will monitor the event and the participants have to register at the several checkpoints along the track in order to avoid disqualification. Although runners and hikers are expected to be self-sufficient during the event, along the track are several water stations where participants can fill their water bottles and hydration packs. Some drink stations will also supply isotonic drinks. At least four stations will have fruit and after reaching the finish line, a cooked meal will be served. As the start is scheduled for 06:00am and the cut-off time is 14 hours, all participants should reach the finish line latest by 08:00pm. Intermediate cut-off times might apply to safeguard the security of the participants. The minimum age to participate is 18.  We will have financial rewards for this event and the 10 top-ranked participants will receive a prize. All participants will receive a participant’s T-shirt and a goodie bag. All finishers will receive a finisher’s medal, a finisher’s T-shirt and certificate. We pay importance to our educational role as organisers and since we want you to continue pursuing hiking and trail running, we would want you to be a responsible outdoor enthusiast. Therefore it will be compulsory for every participant of the 60 km event to bring along all the items of the mandatory kit. More details can be found on this web page. If you have more questions, please check out the knowledgebase. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us via e- mail. Registration opened at 1st September 2015 and is expected to close at 15th February 2016. Participation fees: Malaysians: RM220.00 (inclusive of RM10.00 courier charges - with tracking) Singaporeans: SG$77.00 International: US$55.00 - €48.00 We will donate RM5.00 per participant as charity to the Olive Project.
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